The PREMIUM Home product offers property, household, and liability insurance under a single insurance policy. Property and household insurance protect the property of the insured against accidental damage, destruction, or loss; it is based on the so-called “all-risk principle”, which means all risks are covered except for excluded ones. The product covers a wide range of different insured items and costs, which provides one of the widest coverages in the insurance market. The product also offers homeowner´s liability insurance and household member´s liability, which protects against claims arising from damage to property and health of third parties. Assistance services, which provide clients with free assistance in the event of technical accidents, natural disasters, or door blockings, are also provided with the insurance.


Property insurance

The subject to the real estate insurance is the real estate itself, whether it is a flat, family house, cottage or a building under construction. Ancillary structures such as outbuildings, gazebos, and shelters, pavements, parking areas, saunas, electric gates, tennis courts, outdoor pools, wells, cesspits and septic tanks may also be insured. We also offer insurance of garages, building materials, construction and garden mechanisms. The client may choose up to three different deductibles.

The product covers a wide range of insured costs:

  • costs of cleaning up of the place of insurance after the insured event, including removal of any standing parts, removal and storage of debris at the nearest landfill
  • costs of cleaning up or drying of the real estate, ancillary structure and garage after

    the insured event
  • costs of restoration of the above-ground landscaping such as rock gardens, cascades,

    solitary boulders, mulching material, or artificial turf
  • costs incurred due to damage caused by wild animals
  • costs of leaked water
  • costs of location of ruptured pipes
  • costs of cleaning up a well provided that it is the only source of drinking water
  • costs of restoration/ repair of tombstones or monuments

With regard to property insurance, homeowners´ liability insurance may be agreed. This means cover against claims arising from damage to health and property of third parties, which results from the ownership of the property. Furthermore, any claims arising from damage resulting from performance of self-help construction works that do not require any building permit or maintenance works on the given property is subject to the coverage. The insurance claim payment limit with regard to liability insurance for property ownership is determined by the client individually according to his/her requirements.


Household insurance

The insurance covers all movables that form the furnishings of the real estate, are used for the operation of the insured household, items used for any gainful activity or to satisfy the needs of the insured or his/her family members, and are located at the place of insurance.

The insurance may cover any temporarily or permanently inhabited household. Again, up to three different deductibles are available.

Under the household insurance, the following may be additionally insured:

  • valuables
  • works of art
  • structural components of the household
  • bicycles

A large range of insured items is covered:

  • items of third parties
  • items in the rooms forming the appurtenances of the flat
  • extended warranty for electrical appliances
  • components of motor or non-motor vehicles
  • items on non-glazed balconies, terraces, the lower edge of which is more than 3 m above the surrounding terrain
  • food in refrigerating and freezing equipment
  • personal documents

A wide range of costs is covered:

  • costs of averting any imminent insured event
  • costs of cleaning up or drying of insured items
  • costs of storage of insured items in rented premises after the insured event
  • costs of substitute accommodation after the insured event for household members
  • costs of treatment and burial of pets in connection with the accident
  • the cost of replacing the entrance door lock insert to the place of insurance

In addition to the household insurance, liability of houseshold members may be also agreed. The insurance covers the liability of the insured and his/her family members for any damage caused during regular activities in civic life, in connection with the operation of the household, performance of recreational sports, use of bicycles, scooters, tricycles. Any damages caused by dogs or cats, or incurred in connection with the breeding of domestic and other small animals and bees, as well as any damage incurred in connection with the legal possession and use of firearms for private purposes are also covered.

The client individually according to his /her requirements determines the insurance claim payment limit for liability insurance against damage caused by household members. Within the offer, the territorial validity of the Slovak Republic or Europe is available.

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